Key focuses

Digitalizing Youth Politics

Opportunities and obstacles of digital communication for local democratic processes and youth participation in Lower Austria

KIF – Cryptography for Wireless Communication

A highly secure and durable cryptography for wireless communication integrating radio data. – High frequency data transmission may allow for the traffic of the future.

DALICC – Data Licenses Clearance Center

DALICC is a software framework that supports the automated clearance of rights thus supporting the legally secure and time-efficient reutilization of third party data sources.

Integration of advanced engagement statistics

Preliminary concept for the integration of advanced engagement statistics in the ForTunes app for analysis how music is received in online spaces

Trading Cultures

An ethnography of international trade fairs for television programs, music and books

Regional Press Diversity in Germany and Austria

The project is a critical analysis of the economic and journalistic development of regional press in both countries from 1995 until 2005.

Inside Trading Cultures

Citizen scientists and researchers explore the Frankfurt Book Fair.